2017-2021 M8 Sportpipe – Touring Bikes and Trikes!
$499.00 Outright – $399.00 Exchange             click here to order by email


Introducing the new Fullsac M8 Sportpipe. It all starts with an OEM header. We toss the cat and lengthen the factory primary tubes 6 inches! And just like our MX Pipe, the low and mid range power increase leaves our competition in the stone age. Bolts on like stock. Accepts all factory heat shields, hardware and crossover. Black ceramic coating reduces temps. Fits all 2017 and later M8 Touring Bikes and Trikes!

(Send your stock headpipe back in our box within 30 days and receive $100 refund)



Bundle the SportPipe and TTS Mastertune for $849 outright!

SportPipe with factory heat shields installed.

Factory primaries are extended 6 inches for a substantial increase in low end power!

Tig welded in a precision fixture for a perfect fit!


Never ride with a Halfsac. Insist on Fullsac Performance!

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Fullsac Performance does not ship to California. Fullsac Performance exhaust products are not emissions compliant for use on public highways in the state of California or any other state where similar laws may apply when installed on motor vehicles originally equipped with catalyst exhaust. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability of this product for their model and intended use.

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Weight 22 lbs