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CVO Touring High Flow Power Core 2006-2021


Remove the factory cork and get awesome sound and power from your stock CVO Touring mufflers! Fullsac CVO Power Cores fit into your stock OEM CVO muffler bodies. Our exclusive full length spiral louvered baffles provide unmatched sound quality and performance. Available in four sizes and sound levels. 1.75” is quietest with outstanding low end torque. 2.0” and 2.25″ is mid rumble and most popular. 2.5” is the the biggest and baddest, for those seeking an aggressive sound. Combine with Techmat Blankets for a smooth classy rumble. Easily bolted in after minor modifications. See instructions for detail installation info.
Note. Will not fit Screaming Eagle catalog mufflers

Installation Instructions

Bike Year 2017-2021

Bike Year 2006-2016