Andrews 54 cam set.

camOne of our all time favorite Touring cams. Works well in 103″ and 110″ Twin Cam Motors. Provides stock idle characteristics with a very broad power band well suited for Touring Duty. 10 HP gain in the 110″ motors and well over 12 in the 103s. Bolts in with stock pushrods. Can be used with .030 cometic head gaskets for a slight bump in compression and torque.


liftersDelco heavy duty premium lifters.
$179.00 set of four.

Excellent replacement lifter when installing a new cam set. Fits all twin Cam HD Motors.


TMan 600SM Cam set.

Recommended for 110″ Motors. 110″ HP and 120 + TQ. Absolute TQ Monster when combined with our DX Pipe. Works well with stock heads and slight compression increase. .030 head gasket recommended. +.030 or adjustable pushrods may be required depending on head mods.


TMan 625 Cam set.

Recommended for stage III 110″ motors with 58 TB. 120 HP and TQ. Works well with 10.5 compression ratio. +.030 or adjustable pushrods required.