Fullsac Performance 4.0 Slash


Fullsac Performance 4.0 Slash

The latest Muffler development from Fullsac Performance!

Fullsac 4.0 Slash with your choice of baffle – $399.00

With optional Techmat sleeves – $459.00


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Years of V Twin dyno tuning and testing have allowed us to see every competitors muffler out there. The big manufactures have all thrown performance out the window in favor of the latest fashion. For over ten years Fullsac Performance has stayed true to the name. Dyno proven performance and optional sound levels set us apart from the rest. The new Fullsac 4.0 Slash is the perfect blend of sound, power, and classic Harley styling.

The 4.0 Slash is Custom built to your order. A variety of baffles and sound absorbing Techmat sleeves are available to match your engine build and desired sound level. Optional baffle sizes allow for easy adjustments by the customer when future needs change. You want a loud baffle for Bike night and a quiet one for your next 500 mile day, no problem.

1.75 baffles:
Highest bottom end TQ, lowest DB level. Combined with Tech Mat sleeves,
this is the Ultimate Touring muffler.

2.0 Baffles:
Excellent broad power band with a modest stereo friendly sound level.
Number one seller.

2.25 Baffle:
The largest and loudest baffle available that still maintains decent bottom end. Delivers an aggresive sound while hard on the throttle while still remaining civilized at cruise.

Add optional TechMat sound absorbing sleeves with any baffle choice for a smoother sound with a 2-3 DB reduction with no loss in performance.

Buy Additional Baffle Sets here $149

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Weight 23 lbs
Build Your Muffler

1.75, 2.0, 2.25

Add Techmat Sleeves

Add Sleeves $79, No Techmat Sleeves